Smokey’s Cabin Perth: Deep Fried Chicken Wingettes and Nuggets


Smokey’s Cabin is a newly re-opened American BBQ restaurant in the heart of Northbridge which has a couple of fried chicken options and a whole lot of American BBQ options.

We headed there on Thursday with a couple of friends and got ready for some serious eating.

As we all wanted to try the BBQ, the only fried chicken we grabbed were the starters, namely: The Deep Fried Chicken Wingettes (8$) and the Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets ($6).

Both starters are reasonable value for money, there are 6 Wingettes in a serve, which aren’t huge but are just fine for the cost and about the same amount of chicken in the Nuggets for 2$ less.

It wouldn’t be unreasonable for two people to get one of each starters.

The Wingettes come in both Original – with a Coriander and Mayonnaise dipping sauce; and a Spicy – which has chilli dipping sauce. The chicken in both sets looks very lightly battered, golden, and delicious.

The Nuggets don’t come with any sauces, which I think was an oversight, but are definitely made from chicken breast and chopped into interesting sizes and shapes. They too look battered and golden.

The pictures above are all of the Fried Chicken Wingettes! Sadly we neglected to get a picture of the Nuggets – but you can just see one poking out in the second picture.

Both Original and Spicy had a really mouth watering sweet and spicy smell and the Nuggets were not far different, but had a more strongly battered smell.

The Wingettes had an understated crunch, but it was present and the chicken was salty juicy and amazing. These things tasted so good! With or without the sauce, these Wingettes can go the distance, and my only caveat would be that they were riding the edge of being slightly too salty – but because of that they pair well with the provided sauces.

We couldn’t determine if there was a difference between the two chicken sets apart from the sauce. Both had an identical smell and flavor to us.

The Nuggets had a slight crunchiness and they were very moreish and tasty. As the nuggets are made from real chicken breast they are more like strips than Nuggets – but they were perfectly cooked to be juicy and to bring out the natural flavours of the chicken breast.

I really think the Nuggets would have been improved if they were served with some of the Wingette sauce though, the Spicy and the Coriander sauces paired well with them.

I really liked the chicken here and I’m really looking forward to returning and trying some of the other chicken options. I think the Fried Chicken Burger, the Chicken and Waffles and the Southern Fried Chicken Breast are probably going to be amazing – if the quality of the Wingettes and the Nuggets are anything to judge by.