Meet & Bun Perth: Danny’s Southern Fried Chicken Review


When it comes to fried chicken reviews on this site, lunch only restaurants are a rarity – but occasionally circumstances permit a visit to restaurants like Meet & Bun in Trinity Arcade.

I ordered “Danny’s Southern Fried Chicken”, a fried chicken burger with lettuce, tomato, raw red onion and chipotle mayonnaise on a brioche bun ($14) with a side of smokey fries ($4.50).

The burger and the chips are really well presented, but the chicken looks very dark. It still looks tasty, but definitely seems like the batter has been slightly overcooked.

Regardless, the burger smells delicious, with heavy aromas of chicken, mayonnaise and tomato.

Biting into it, its clearly very crunchy but the batter is a little dry, crumbly and overcooked. However, the fried chicken itself is moist, juicy and flavorful. Its really easy to eat and the fresh ingredients combine together well. It’s a nice big piece of chicken and the crunchy batter is somewhat offset by the chipotle mayonnaise.

There were some parts of the chicken which were significantly more cooked than others and as such were harder to bite though near the finish of the burger.

I’ve since had a look at some pictures of Danny’s Southern Fried Chicken burger on the web – and it’s clear that they are all cooked equally dark, so it appears that the over cooking was not a one-off mistake, but a conscious choice.

I think the burger was tasty but comes at too high a price to try again and see if they purposely skirt the line between cooked and overcooked, and that I just got one which strayed too far over the line.