SunBBQ Northbridge Fried Chicken and Sweet Chilli Chicken


This week’s fried chicken adventure was brought to us by Sun BBQ, a Korean restaurant on the corner of Williams Street and Newcastle Street in Northbridge.

We managed to get a group of six together for this meal, and between us we ordered the ‘Fried Chicken’ ($30), the ‘Sweet Chilli Chicken’ ($34) beers and a side of chips ($10).

Both plates of fried chicken had an assortment of chicken cuts, including breast, wings and legs. They also included sides like sweet pickled daikon, chips, coleslaw and a small pile of lettuce.

There are approximately 14 pieces of chicken, maybe an entire chicken in each serve – which is great value for money. One of these plates plus something else from the menu could easily satisfy three people.

And the chicken looks great! The sweet chilli chicken is covered with a light red sauce and the fried chicken looks golden and crunchy. More then anything the chicken looks authentically like Korean chicken.

The fried chicken had a mild garlic and ginger smell, while the sweet chilli sauce had a rich sweet smell.

The first bite of the chicken revealed that both of them were incredibly crunchy and satisfying, you definitely won’t be disappointed here, and in addition: the sweet chilli chicken managed to retain its crunch for the entire meal! Incredible.

The fried chicken was nice, it did not have a huge amount of spices used in the batter, so tasted a little bland next to the sweet chilli chicken. It was also slightly overcooked so the breast pieces were a little dry – but the rest of the pieces were good.

The sweet chilli however was fantastic.  Mostly sweet, not spicy at all, but a full-flavoured strong taste. I am not sure I could eat only the one type though – it was nice to have a break with the fried chicken in-between pieces. If the sweet chilli was also slightly overcooked, I couldn’t tell at all and just concentrated on eating as much as possible.

All in all, a really great night with really good chicken. We will definitely be going back to the Sun BBQ to try some of their other types of chicken – like Garlic Soy, Spring Onion, Spicy Cheese or  Honey!