Updating running sprite sheet in Tunnelour!

I’ve updated the Tunnelour avatar with new colors!

This updated sprite sheet is for the running animations, and I’ve been working on them during the move from Japan back to Australia.

It’s harder to find time to make updates now, but I am confident that I could have a working game sometime in the new year.

All of the animation cells have been cleaned up and updated with the new colors. No more blue pants! The new colors were chosen to compliment the blacks, blues and grays of the tunnel background and wall tiles better.

Here are some gifs of the updated running sprite sheet animations which Charlie is going to be using:


  New Running_False Start 2 New Running_False Start 1New Running_False Start 3

First the new step animation. I implemented this animation as a way of escaping the basic run animation, in order to make smaller more precise movements.

Before, you could only escape from the run animation after one running step, which was a 32 pixel movement. Now you can make a much smaller movement.

Takeoff, Running and Stopping

New Running_RunningNew Running_Start Run Stop

I’ve cleaned up the running loop, and modified the animation which plays when the avatar starts running from standing and stops running so its a smoother transition.

Wall Collisions

New Running_High Speed Wall Collision New Running_Mid Speed Wall Collision

The avatar now flips if they collide with a wall after a run up, pushes back slightly if they don’t run that far, or collide with a wall when jumping.

Next is fixing any bugs introduced with the new spritesheet and then implementing the new Jumping Animation Spritesheet!

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