Nene Chicken Victoria Park

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After exercise on Thursday two friends¬†and me went to Nene’s chicken in Victoria Park to recoup some energy.

We ordered a ‘Jumbo’ half and half of the Original Fried Chicken and Swicy, which is their ‘Sweet and Spicy’ (Think mild sweet chilli sauce) containing 16 pieces of various cuts of chicken.

The price was $32, or $2 a piece,  which is extremely reasonable Рhowever the price per piece does increase as you order smaller serves. Between the three of us we thought the jumbo would be just fine. (However we erred on the safe side and also ordered some bulchi chips)

And when it came out, it looked great! I expected a pile of fried chicken and that’s just what we got.

The original fried chicken didn’t have any scent, it doesn’t appear that many spices are used in the batter or applied afterwards.

The chicken had a good loud crunch and was juicy, but did not really have a strong taste. I believe it’s because they use the original fried chicken as a base for some of the other sauces and spices shakes so it can’t have its own strong flavor. The Swicy chicken was also tasty, not spicy at all but tangy and sweet – but I found myself preferring the original chicken and the provided mustard sauce

After polishing off the chicken, we found that even though we had eaten approximately five pieces of chicken each, we were still hungry and could definitely eat more.

I highly recommend the chicken at Nene’s, but when I go back will start trying all the other flavors to find something truly special. Maybe the Snowy Cheese!