Chimek Chicken & Beer Northbridge (Southern Fried Chicken & Guadalajara Cilantro)


After driving loops of the mean streets of Northbridge twice, an exercise buddy and me eventually found free parking near Chimek! Chicken & Beer, this weeks post-exercise chicken.

The place is funky and only has a few tables but they all fit about six people each. This wasn’t a hassle on a Thursday night however and we had one of the six person tables to ourselves for the duration of our meal.

I ordered the Southern Fried Chicken, which comes with a side of chips and slaw at $12.50. I opted for the set of 4 wings, but had the option of going for boneless for $4 more. The wings were a good size so $12.50 was great value for money.

My friend opted for the Guadalajara Cilantro, which is fried chicken with jalapeno salsa – at the same price, $12.50.

The wings came out promptly and looked delicious.

The Southern Fried Chicken had a lovely mouth-watering cayenne pepper and paprika smell, and an immensely satisfying crunch. You could really tell the ingredients used in the batter and the spices were of a high quality. It was heavy and loud and very enjoyable.

This chicken has to be the best fried chicken I have had in Perth so far. It was juicy and flavoursome and cooked to perfection. Amazing.

The Guadalajara Cilantro on the other hand had an overpowering sour smell which was not the most appetising. It was not cooked in the same style as the Southern Fried Chicken, and the salsa made the batter a little wet, which did not help its crunchiness.

Whilst tasty, the salsa was too vinegary for our liking. It’s a real pity they didn’t cut the salsa with olive oil or avocado which would have dulled the sour edge. After the first piece, we both removed the salsa from the remaining pieces.

The Southern Fried Chicken was definitely the winner of this meal. When we come back here its going to be a struggle to pass it up.